8.09.2017 New Microscope Technique Reveals Internal Structure of Live Embryos

Marcello Rubessa, Gabriel Popescu and Matthew B. Wheeler teamed up to produce 3-D images of live...

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8.07.2017 Media Portrayals of Pregnant Women, New Moms Unrealistic, Study Says

Media portrayals of pregnant and postpartum women are unrealistic and may heighten women’s self-...

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8.02.2017 Robotic hands for all: U. of I.-based startup works to make bionic limbs affordable

Psyonic, a startup operating out of U of I’s Research Park, is trying to change the future of...

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7.31.2017 Study Finds Parallels Between Unresponsive Honey Bees, Autism in Humans

Socially unresponsive bees share something fundamental with autistic humans, new research from...

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7.27.2017 NSF Awards Illinois $3M for Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Training

Program to form new insight on the brain, expand participation in field of brain science.
7.25.2017 Cognitive Cross-Training Enhances Learning, Study Finds

Illinois professor Aron Barbey led a study that examined how cognitive cross-training affects...

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7.25.2017 Physical Activity Could Combat Fatigue, Cognitive Decline in Cancer Survivors

Illinois postdoctoral researcher Diane Ehlers and professor emeritus Edward McAuley found that...

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7.24.2017 Lutein May Counter Cognitive Aging, Study Finds

Lutein may play a protective role against age-related cognitive decline, suggests a study by...

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11.30.2015 New student group spreads the love

Love Your Melon (LYM), an apparel brand founded in 2012 and run by college students across the...

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10.21.2015 Health care, research failing to adapt to US’ growing multiracial population

Multiracial people who change their racial identity from a single race to multiracial over time...

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